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Recognizing Music with TrackID™

Use the TrackID™ music recognition service to identify a song you hear playing in your

surroundings. Just record a short sample of the song and you’ll get artist, title, and

album info within seconds. You can purchase tracks identified by TrackID™ and you can

view TrackID charts to see what TrackID users around the globe are searching for. For

best results, use TrackID™ in a quiet area.


Tap to open the TrackID™ homescreen menu


View the history of your previous searches


Explore top tracks, popular playlists, new songs, and more


Check out what others are tracking


Search for tracks, albums, and artists


Identify the music you’re listening to

The TrackID™ application and some features of the TrackID™ service may not be supported in

all countries or regions or by all networks or service providers. TrackID™ can be connected to

music streaming services available in your country.

To Identify Music Using TrackID™ Technology


From your

Home screen, tap .


Find and tap

TrackID™, then hold your device close to the music source.


Tap . If the song is recognized by the TrackID™ service, the results appear on

the screen.

To return to the

TrackID™ start screen, tap .

To View Artist Information for a Song


After a song is recognized by the

TrackID™ application, the result is displayed on

the TrackID™ homescreen.


Scroll to the result you want to view and then tap to open it.

To Delete a Song from the Track History


Open the

TrackID™ application, then browse to the song you want to delete.


Touch and hold the screen to display .


Tap .

To Use TrackID™ LIVE

You can use TrackID™ LIVE to see real-time LIVE trackings from around the world.

Open the

TrackID™ application, then tap the LIVE tab.

You can change how fast you want to get the trackings and you can mute or unmute the song



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